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Our Services


Vitruvius Heritage addresses all aspects of heritage and townscape planning, and this thriving and enthusiastic company is delighted to offer a broad range of services for its clients across the private and public sectors.

​ Vitruvius Heritage endeavours to assist clients, where possible, to achieve their development aspirations and understand the associated heritage constraints, early in the process to avoid the possibility of wasted time and cost. Thereafter, the team works diligently to help shepherd projects through the approvals (and, if necessary, appeals) process and to resolve any concerns.

​​Vitruvius Heritage is able to advise and provide expert professional support at any point of
the development process, from initial concept review through to later stages of the planning approvals and enforcement processes, including the provision of expert testimony at a planning public inquiry or a criminal court.


Working in collaboration with its clients, the heritage advisors of the local planning authorities and Heritage England, the Vitruvius Heritage team offers the opportunity to benefit from its decades of experience, supporting both the public and private sector, in this highly specialised field.

Service Suite

> Confidential pre-acquisition advice
> Appraisals and site evaluations to determine constraints and opportunities
> Heritage and townscape impact reports and assessments
> Peer reviews
> Full planning process consultancy and engagement including pre-applications and communications with Historic England and other stakeholders
> Heritage chapters for environmental statements, including rebuttals
> Conservation plans and area appraisals
> Expert witness at planning and public inquiries
> Expert witness to the courts

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