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Heritage Planning Overview

Heritage Planning is a specialist area of the British Town and Country Planning system. This is a quasi-judicial process that controls the development of land, such as the extension, alteration or erection of buildings or their change of use.

​The consent regime is primarily administered by local planning authorities, such as Borough, City or District Councils, with expert advice given by their employed staff and Historic England. If proposed buildings or any other form of development works require planning permission and have the potential to affect the historic environment, local authorities will require an appropriate assessment to be undertaken. Any works that require Listed Building consent will also necessitate such an assessment, which includes the identification of the heritage significance that may be affected and an evaluation as to what the effect will be.

​Vitruvius Heritage can provide this assessment at the site evaluation stage to assist in determining the development potential of a site, at pre-application and application stages, to inform discussions with the local authority and Historic England and, if an application is refused, in support of an appeal to the Secretary of State.

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